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Contract Labor Providers
We are pleased to team up with you as we work to meet the needs of our clients.
Please be sure to submit an Exhibit A to get approval PRIOR to dispatching anyone to our projects. 
Also be sure to submit an Exhibit C once you have recieved approval to send personnel to a project. A separate Exhibit A and Exhibit C are needed for each person dispactched. 

Please also ensure the employees sent to the projects are informed to read the Project Information Page on the website for site specific information, have read a copy of the Contractor Employee Handbook and have all the Personal Protective Equipment that we require in the National Services Agreement. 

Each employee should have a picture ID ISSUED BY YOU with your company name and contact listed on the ID before reporting to a project. 
Welcome to the E Light Team. We are excited to work with you to complete our projects and meet the needs of our customers.

All of the documents you need for each specific project should be located here for your use as a member of our team. You can access the items for a specific project by clicking on the project name abov e. 

If you do not know the password for your project or if you are missing any documents please contact your project coordinator for this information..