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" Our human brains are hardwired in certain ways and one of those is that we retain things that we write down better than the things we hear or read. We also add stress to our processes when we try to memorize things. If you just repetitively write down the Article Numbers and Names, you are getting the benefit of  retaining it without the stress of trying to memorize them. "

Preparing for the Exam 

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The test is a long test and you will need your energy. You will also have some level of test anxiety which means you will probably have a hard time sleeping the night before the test. You get to schedule the time you take your test. Schedule it for the afternoon so you can do two things: 1. Sleep in to make up for the lost sleep and 2. Eat a good meal of carbohydrates about 2 hours before the test. Why carbohydrates? The way our bodies process carbohydrates is it turns them into sugars. This is why athletes "Carbo Load" before an event. The result of eating carbohydrates is that while you are taking the test, your body will be digesting the carbs and releasing "sugar rushes" over time helping you have extended energy. Also be sure to use the restroom just before going in for your test. Avoid eating sugars and caffeine before the test. These can both give you energy but it is short lived and they both increase your need to use the restroom which is not something you want to spend time doing while you take an important timed test. 


You should be the only one that knows when you are taking the test. If you tell people you are taking it, you will know that everyone is going to ask you how it went when you get back. That will cause you to put extra pressure on yourself. Just schedule your test, take the day off work and don't tell anyone. That way you can call me right after passing and tell me all about it and then walk into work the next day and brag about your new license. 

Read the entire question carefully
Read a multi-choice question in its entirety before glancing over the answer options. Students often think they know what a question is asking before reading it and jump straight to the most logical answer. This is a big mistake and can cost you dearly on multiple-choice exams. Read each question thoroughly before reviewing answer options. Also be sure to double check words such as Maximum, Minimum, Less Than, Not Less Than, greater than, equal to. These are all phrases which our mind can sometimes "assume" a word that is or is not there. 

Answer it in your mind first.
After reading a question, answer it in your mind before reviewing the answer options. This will help prevent you from talking yourself out of the correct answer.

Eliminate wrong answers.
Eliminate answer options which you're 100 percent sure are incorrect before selecting the answer you believe is correct. Even when you believe you know the right answer, first eliminating those answers you know are incorrect will ensure your answer choice is the correct choice.
Use the process of elimination.

Read all the answer options
Read every answer option prior to choosing a final answer. Remember that the test question and or answer options are very often direct quotes from the NEC. Read them both carefully and compare to the wording in the codebook. 

You have spent four years learning this industry. experiencing the installation of electrical systems, reading the NEC, and sitting in classrooms learning how electricity works. When you find an answer that you believe is correct, select it and stick with it unless you find positive proof later in the Code book that you answered something wrong. 

These are the two things that you do not have in your code book and have to remember. If you write them down right away, you won't have to worry about it the rest of the test. 

You are going to do fine. I am sure of it. Please do not hesitate to call me and arrange a time to sit down and go over any questions you may have. I want you to succeed and I will do whatever I can to help you get that license.  Be sure to follow me on twitter. A link is below. I post tips and tricks on a regular basis. Also be sure to tweet me when you get that license. Tell the world, you will have reason to be proud.