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E Light Electric Services, Inc. Office Employee Orientation

Welcome to E Light Electric Services online portion of your orientation. Continue to scroll down until you see "Orientation Instructions" where you will start the orientation process. The orientation process consists of the following steps:

​     Fill out your new hire paperwork.
          -Click on the link to begin filling out your paperwork, once your paperwork is finished return back to this site.

If you run into any technical issues with this process please contact Roseanne Mullis or Kayla Kirtley at 303-754-0001.

Although this process can be completed on a mobile device, it is recommended that it be completed using a computer.
You will receive a copy of the Employee Handbook when you report to the office. A copy of the Employee Handbook can also be located here . It is your responsibility to read and understand the contents of our Employee Handbook.

If this process is not completed fully and correctly  your starting date may be delayed. Be sure you double check your forms to ensure they are filled out accurately.

Our policy on electronic discosures regarding employee benefits can be found here .

Once you have completed the paperwork review all of the pages before submitting.

Click here to begin your paperwork

Did you finish your paperwork?​​
If not, complete your paperwork before continuing.


Bring both your state issued ID card and social security card or your passport to orientation or other acceptable documents. For a list of acceptable documents, click here .

Failure to arrive with these documents may result in a delay of your employment start date.

Office Address:
​E Light Electric Services, Inc.
361 Inverness Drive South, Suite B
Englewood, Colorado
You have completed the online portion of the E Light Orientation

We look forward to seeing you at the office
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