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Exhibit C for Contract Labor Providers
Exhibit C: Labor Dispatch/ Action Form for Contract Labor Providers


Complete the information below and please complete each box. If the item does not apply to the transaction, please enter NA for Not Applicable. Check the information and ensure it is correct and then click the submit button. If you have multiple Labor Dispatch/ Action Forms to process please submit a separate form for each one. 

The terms and conditions of the National Services Agreement for Staffing Providers- E Light Electric Services, Inc. (NSA) shall apply to all contract employees referenced herein.  

The site superintendent or supervisor is NOT authorized to request personnel for dispatch.  

After you have submitted the Labor Dispatch/ Action Form, the E Light accounting department will route the form to the appropriate personnel within E Light Electric Services, Inc.

All contract employees must be issued personal protective equipment per the conditons of the National Services Agreement before reporting to a project. In addition, all contract employees shall have read the E Light Contract Employees Handbook prior to reporting to a project and all contract employees shall be issued a picture ID from their employer with their employers name on the ID before reporting to the project.

All personnel must report to the project site with all of the required PPE. If you do not have the E Light PPE List, please contact the Regional Safety Manager at 

E Light reserves the right to back charge for its expenses if we are required to supply the items required per the NSA. E Light may refuse to allow personnel to work on site if they arrive without one or more of the required items. All items issued must meet the specifications of the NSA, including the type and manufacturer. 

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