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Friday, March 09, 2018

Ted Smith


  1. Who Won?
    02 Jan, 2019
    Who Won?
    One of your employees won the Avalanche Tickets at our Holiday Party. Congratulations. The person recording the winners did not get the name of the winner and we need that for our records. If you won the Avalance tickets at the Holiday Party or if you know who did, can you please contact me and let me know?  Thank you,  Smitty
  2. E Light Winter Newsletter
    15 Dec, 2018
    E Light Winter Newsletter
    Here is the E Light Winter Newsletter E Light Newsletter Winter 2018 12-11.pdf
  3. Time to be Grateful
    12 Nov, 2018
    Time to be Grateful
    I was reading some items this week and came across an interesting article about being grateful and the benefits of being grateful. I know personally, I struggle with this sometimes. I find that it is easy to focus on the issues of the day and see the problems around me clearly and lose focus on the wonderful things that I have in my life. We are so blessed as Americans to live with the freedoms and the standard of living of that we enjoy. We are also very blessed to work at E Light. We have a
  4. Customizing Toolbars in Bluebeam REVU 2018 Quick Tips
    27 Sep, 2018
    Customizing Toolbars in Bluebeam REVU 2018 Quick Tips
    Here are some quick tips straight from Bluebeam. Both toolbar and panel icons are found in toolstrips. A toolstrip refers to the empty gray bars to the left, right or top of the interface where toolbar or panel icons appear. Shapes toolbar Here are a few easy ways to distinguish a toolbar icon from a panel icon: A toolbar will always have a string of dots (……) near its top or left side called a handle. After clicking on a tool, the Dynamic Properties bar often becomes active. Panels and
  5. Prefabrication
    14 Sep, 2018
    I would like take a moment to welcome Stewart Jung to our E Light family. Stewart brings years of experience as an electrician and leader to our organization and I am excited to how those experiences will mesh with ours as we all continue to find better ways to do things everyday. Stewart is concentrating on preplanning and prefabrication. I am so excited to see another champion for prefabrication and preplanning in our organization. The current construction market requires us to continually
  6. Delays and Disuptions...Is there a difference?
    07 Aug, 2018
    Delays and Disuptions...Is there a difference?
    We often talk about delays in construction. I have found that the discussions concerning delays are frequently really discussions about disruptions. Understanding the difference between these two terms may be of help in identifying impacts to a project and may help you and your project manager receive compensation for impacts to your project cause by others. A delay is an event or series of events that take place on a project which causes the critical path schedule items to not be performed
  7. 12 May, 2018
    Leader and Trainer
    Being an electrical superintendent is an extremely difficult and demanding job. You are ultimately responsible for planning your project, communicating that plan to your crews, ensuring your crews have one hundred percent of the tools, information, and materials they need to work safely and efficiently and do all of that while juggling a constantly changing construction environment and schedule. All of that is assuming there are no problems which arise that must be dealt with quickly, which of
  8. Testing and Troubleshooting Plans
    07 Feb, 2018
    Testing and Troubleshooting Plans
    A testing and troubleshooting plan is required for all construction projects. The purpose of the testing and troubleshooting plan is to meet our corporate requirements of having a reviewed and approved written Energized Work Plan for all energized work. All projects will have to do some testing and troubleshooting and this will have to be done live. It becomes cumbersome to write our an Energized Work Plan each time you need to do some testing. We have provided you with an ability to meet OSHA
  9. Accident Reporting and Investigations
    11 Jan, 2018
    Accident Reporting and Investigations
    First and Foremost, Call The Director of Education and Loss Prevention and inform them of the accident. Secondly, start an Accident Report using iAuditor. The iAuditor Accident report asks the questions that need to be answered. Do this right away, don't wait. The more information you can record right away the better. Hand your device to someone else and have them start taking pictures, and entering information if you need to keep doing something else. Remember to get the persons involved